Willie NelsonWillie Nelson is famous for having cut thousands of songs in his career, inspired no doubt by many different events. But the superstar's most recent cut -- involving his signature long hair -- was inspired by nothing more than a need for comfort and convenience.

"I felt like I was pulling a trailer it had gotten so long," Willie tells the National Post. "My hair was way down below my waist, it was a problem -- it was heavy, it got dirty and I couldn't wash it because I hurt my arm playing golf. I was using a five wood and hit a rock, and when I hurt my arm that was the last straw. I couldn't take care of my hair by myself and I had to have Annie, my wife, help me wash it."

Instead of going to a professional stylist, the Country Music Hall of Famer took matters in his own hands, literally. "I just went in the bathroom the other morning with a pair of scissors and cut it off," he admits. "I was looking for a pair of scissors and I found one in the bathroom drawer and just reached back there and grabbed the ponytail and just cut it as close as I could get it ... It doesn't look bad."

Tuesday night, June 1, Willie will appear on 'The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson' where he will perform and show off his newly cut locks. The show airs at 11:37 PM ET on CBS.

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