Chuck Wicks is in the Halloween spirit. And he much prefers treats over tricks. More specifically, Heath bars. While the country newcomer was on the road with Brad Paisley on a tour sponsored by Hershey's Candy, he found a new favorite sweet for Halloween.

"When I was a kid, Twix was my favorite but now I love Heath bars. I missed out on those when I was a kid," he says.

Wicks also admits that he loves to dress up when he goes to Halloween parties, but he won't share what he's going to be. "I can't give away any of my plans 'cause people take my ideas and steal them. But it's (costume) gonna be good, and it will be probably homemade."

Jack Ingram hopes that his three kids will dress up as characters from one of his favorite television shows. "I love the [Nickelodeon] television show 'The Backyardigans' and I want the kids to go as those characters!"

Adam Gregory will be performing in Tucson, Arizona on Halloween, but he says if he was home he'd be watching horror movies with friends. "They can't make movies scary enough for me. The last one I saw was 'The Eye' with Jessica Alba. I like turning off the lights and watching a horror movie that makes you jump when you least expect it."

Craig Morgan is a big fan of Halloween, because it's the only time of year he can find his favorite candy. "I like those candies that are wrapped in the orange and black wax papers -- the peanut butter things," Craig says. "I absolutely love those. I stock up at Halloween and freeze them so I can have them all year long."

Morgan figures his oldest child will follow in the footsteps of many a teenager on Halloween night. "The oldest one'll probably be rolling someone's yard with toilet paper. That always seemed to be a big thing within their church group- - the kids go roll someone's yard, which is really odd that a bunch of good church kids are gonna go do the rolling."

Pat Green says he always lets his son choose the costumes for the family. "I think he wants us to be pirates this year," says the singer, adding, "His mom and daughter will be our damsels in distress." Pat is hoping to land a few peanut butter cups in his trick or treat bag since that's his favorite candy. "I always go for the Reese's. I'm a big fan of peanut butter and chocolate ... but my kids like anything with sugar in it, so it's very typical."

Jason Michael Carroll says his kids think he's pretty cool because he always dresses up and goes trick or treating with them. He gets pretty fancy with his costumes too. Year before last, he was Prince Eric and his daughter was Ariel. Last year his costume was even more elaborate -- he was Chewbacca from 'Star Wars.' Carroll is very excited about the costumes for this year. "We're gonna dress up as Scooby-Doo and the Mystery Gang. I'm gonna be Shaggy. I can't wait."