Whiskey Myers have released the lyric video for 'Early Morning Shakes,' the title single off of their album released earlier this year.

The East Texas-based group released their debut album, 'Road of Life,' in 2008, followed by 'Firewater' in 2011. Rolling Stone named 'Early Morning Shakes' one of their 26 Albums of 2014 You Probably Didn't But Really Should Hear.

"Whiskey Myers ... is a great torchbearer of this Lynyrd Skynyrd tradition," the Rolling Stone story reads. "It's clear here they're more focused on creating music to make Delta ghosts dance than battling to be particularly au courant."

The country rock group is made up of Cody Cannon, Cody Tate, John Jeffers, Jeff Hogg and Gary Brown.

'Early Morning Shakes' is available for download on iTunes and Amazon.