Country stars say they've had to sign some pretty strange things, from goldfish to babies, and of course assorted body parts, but on some fans, Brett Eldredge's John Hancock has turned into a permanent tattoo, and he says that it "freaks him out" a bit.

"Someone tried to get me to sign their baby's face once. I didn't do that -- but it was weird," the ACM Awards New Artist of the Year nominee admits. "I signed an adult's -- human's -- face. And then they wanted to get it tattooed."

While the fan obviously didn't think it was strange to have Eldredge's name on his skin, the singer himself wasn't super comfortable with the permanent factor.

"You know what the weirdest part about signing someone's body is? When they want to get it tattooed, and you're thinking, 'This person's going to have my name on them for the rest of their life,'" Eldredge says, "and that freaks me out.'"

Eldredge says that he tries to reason with fans about it, but ultimately, he feels flattered (albeit, still a little freaked out).

Watch the video above to find out what other strange objects country stars have been asked to sign. Miranda Lambert, Little Big Town, Kip Moore, Thomas Rhett and others dish the dirty laundry (literally, in one case) on where their autographs have ended up, from sweaty gym socks to hamster wheels.

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