Vince Gill's current residency as a member of acclaimed swing band the Time Jumpers is a sweet reminder of the early days of his career, when things were much simpler. A fan of the group, he often went to see them play on Monday nights at Nashville's Station Inn and began playing with them on a regular basis recently. For Vince, it's a situation that keeps him well-grounded.

"It's just a little-bitty bluegrass club," he tells the Portland Press Herald. "We split up the money after the gig behind the amps, just like the old days. I like to joke, 'It's the only time I play in Nashville where I get paid.' Every other gig is a benefit. I just love playing music. I don't know why some people have to think that if they do well they can't be what they used to be. I like being what I used to be."

Vince has also scaled back his tour a bit this year as well since he's between albums, but one place he hasn't scaled back is at home, where he's put in a new studio and is recording a new CD, due out later this year. "I put a studio in my house, which was one of the neatest things I could have ever thought of to do. I had never done it before, because my home life wasn't such that that was where I wanted to be musical, too."

"Being married to Amy [Grant]," Vince continues, "and the technology and how much it's changed, you just don't need that much real estate to have a very good quality home studio. I feel like I am working, but there is also a sense of goofing off. There is freedom, because it doesn't cost $2,500 a day to practice." Vince has also been busy in recent months producing LeAnn Rimes' new project.

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