Vince Gill's new album, 'Bakersfield,' will be released on July 30, but SiriusXM subscribers will get a sneak peek of the new set of tunes. The 10-track project of classic Merle Haggard and Buck Owens hits, recorded with renowned steel guitarist Paul Franklin, will premiere on July 26 at 5PM ET on Willie's Roadhouse, SiriusXM Channel 56.

Gill admits the upcoming project is one he is immensely proud of. “The whole album is a duet record,” he told The Boot in April. “Out of the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people I’ve sung with, I chose to make my duet record with a musician. We’ve been friends for about 35 years, and we wanted to make a record together. We started talking about what kind of record to make. I said, ‘An instrumental record sounds boring to me. I’m not that big of a fan of instrumental records.’ I still like to hear songs and melodies, and hear stories.”

The new set of tunes pays homage to two of his own musical idols. “This is just as much a guitar record for me as it is a singing record,” Gill notes. “But it was fun for me to sing a whole record of the greatest songs ever. I guess what I’m real proud of is that when it’s one of Buck’s songs, I sing it very much in that vein. And the Haggard songs are very much in the vein he sang.  With Buck’s songs, you won’t find much vibrato in my vocals, and with Merle’s, it will come down to a low note and that quiver.”

'Bakersfield' will air six times on Willie's Roadhouse, SiriusXM Channel 56. See a complete list of times below, and click here for a track listing.

Friday, July 26 – 5PM ET

Saturday, July 27 – 2PM ET

Saturday, July 27 – 7PM ET

Sunday, July 28 – 10AM ET

Sunday, July 28 – 8PM ET

Tuesday, July 30 – 6PM ET