Following their respective divorces more than a decade ago, Vince Gill and Amy Grant were the subject of endless tabloid fodder. The couple, who will celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary in March, talk candidly in the February issue of Good Housekeeping about the public perception of their early relationship and the lessons they've learned from their second marriages.

"I don't mean this in a flippant way," says Amy when asked about the media scrutiny surrounding her divorce from singer -- and fellow contemporary Christian singer Gary Chapman. "But I was so unconcerned by what somebody who I would never meet wrote in a rag. I felt like I had flipped a car over three medians and I was trying to figure out if my children -- if we all -- still had a pulse."

Vince adds he was concerned about then-teenage daughter Jenny, saying, "When I went through my divorce, there were some things [printed] in certain magazines, and I despised the way it made my kid look. So as a parent, there's a side of you that just builds a wall and says, 'You can ask all you want, but you're not gonna get any of that stuff.'"

Amy also struggled with the perception many fans had of her Christian faith at time, saying, "The toughest thing, as a believer, is to see how Christianity is pigeonholed into this one 'did-you-get-the-memo-on-how-to-vote' kind of thing. I am somebody who feels very spiritually alive, and prayer is an integral part of my daily life, along with confession, worship -- all of those things. But I see how all that's been quantified, and made a caricature of, and I don't want to add to a cultural experience that turns people off."

Of the lessons she's learned since marrying Vince, Amy says, "You get into a second marriage and you go, 'Oh man, some of those weird dynamics, those were just me, and I've just dragged them off to the future! I shouldn't have been so hard on that first chapter!'"

The February issue of Good Housekeeping hits newsstands on Tuesday (Jan 12).