Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift grace the pages of PEOPLE magazine's annual '100 Most Beautiful People' issue. Underwood admits she has a hard time feeling confident in her beauty, especially at red carpet events.

"I feel more beautiful when I see the pictures after," she told PEOPLE. "I'm like, 'I wish I had felt like I looked like that when I was actually there.'"

Swift shows her confidence by posing in the magazine without a stitch of makeup. It was a risk she was a little wary of taking.

"I have blonde eyelashes and blonde eyebrows, so my typical insecurity is that my eyes go away when I don't have makeup on," the 18-year-old told PEOPLE. "But it's important to be comfortable with who you are and go natural once in a while."

The two country beauties are joined by fellow musicians Rihanna, Mary J. Blige, Norah Jones, Josh Groban and Jessica Simpson on PEOPLE's 'Most Beautiful' list. Actress Kate Hudson is the magazine's cover girl. See photos from the issue (including Taylor sans makeup!) here.