Austin-based band Uncle Lucius are premiering a new track, "Flood Then Fade Away," exclusively for readers of The Boot.

The tune -- off the group's 12-track album, The Light, which is set for release on Tuesday (June 9) -- is sonically haunting, calling for its listeners to be a little more brave and take ownership of their actions. It was written by three of Uncle Lucius' four members, Kevin Galloway, Josh Greco and Jonathan "Keys" Grossman. (The band's fourth member is Michael Carpenter.)

"This track was influenced by the musings of Carl Jung -- specifically, his work on the 'shadow self,'" Galloway tells The Boot. "It's a call to action, to society in general, to take personal responsibility and face head on the things we usually deny or avoid, to face fear head on and to let go of limiting habits and trivial pursuits."

"Flood Then Fade Away" was certainly a collaborative effort for Uncle Lucius. Different parts of the song came together at different times, and the end result is something that's pioneering a slightly new sound for the band, including a synthesizer track.

"This tune took a while to piece together," Galloway explains. "I had everything but the bridge written until Jon Grossman stumbled upon me working on it alone in the parking lot of yet another hotel. I asked him if he had any lyrical ideas to go over the bridge melody I had just written. In a matter of minutes, he came up with the words."

The song poetically implore listeners, "It's not a competition / There's room for everyone / Paradigms are shifting / Make way for the unknown ... The only way around / Is to go into it straight / Feeling with your senses / Let it flood then fade away."

The lyrics and Southern rock-infused feel of the tune are addictive, but it was a challenge for the band to record it in the studio.

"We had it arranged a bit differently when we began but were just not feeling the groove," Galloway recalls. "I literally sat down in front of the drummer with the acoustic, and he came up with a drum beat that matched my strumming pattern. Also, at the suggestion of the producer, we moved the bridge from the end to the middle. Sometimes you just have to mix things up."

The Light will be Uncle Lucius' fourth studio record, but it's their first since parting ways with their label. The project features tracks that question and seek answers, finding the strength buried deep inside of each of us, while fusing blues, R&B, jazz, soul, country and gospel into the band's unique sound (Carpenter calls it "Southern rock for the thinking man. Rock ‘n’ roll for the soul"). It is available for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon.

Listen to Uncle Lucius, "Flood Then Fade Away":