Hot new band Twin Forks are debuting the video for their latest single, 'Cross My Mind,' exclusively with The Boot.

The video shows a couple embarking on a trip somewhere -- or maybe nowhere -- to the backdrop of the infectious, uptempo tune.

"'Cross My Mind' is a song about those relationships that stand the test of time," band member Chris Carrabba explains. "Hopefully, it captures the sense of joy and familiarity that comes with reconnecting with true friends. Plain and simple. No matter how much time has passed, the feeling of having a real connection never fades."

Carrabba, who founded Twin Forks following the success of his band, Dashboard Confessional, landed on the group's signature folk-fused sound by combining some of his favorite musical styles.

"When I started playing acoustic-based music, I wasn't trying to avoid traditional folk because I didn't love it -- I just loved it so much and didn't wanna do an injustice to it," Carrabba notes. "And I had other influences and I thought, why can't I combine this punk and hardcore feeling with this classic folk feeling -- because they were both such massive loves of mine. But right now I'm more excited about utilizing the age-old, time-tested thing and trying to excel within the parameters of a traditional template."

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'Cross My Mind' is from Twin Forks' self-titled album, which is available for purchase here.