With the nine live shows that you and Garth are performing in Kansas City this month, does being back onstage with your husband give you the itch to tour together again?

Oh ... I don't know [laughs]! It's really exciting, but it's a different kind of a show for me than what I normally do. For me, the reward from this kind of show is getting to sing in front of these crazy, screaming fans and getting to be with him, seeing him enjoy himself. My favorite kind of shows are still those small theaters, where I can be onstage and do a variety of songs from my albums. But this kind of show, you go out there and do mostly uptempo songs, hit 'em hard and then go home [laughs]! But I definitely enjoy being on tour with him.

You're coming up on your second wedding anniversary, but the way you two talk about each other, you'd think you're newlyweds! Do you have a secret for keeping the spark alive?

Well, we've been friends for such a long time. We've known each other almost 20 years now. So our love is based on a really great foundation of friendship. I don't know about you, but most of my girlfriends, we talk about how so many times you've gotten into a relationship and get really serious before you've really gotten to know the guy. And then a couple of years later, you look back and think, "I don't even like this guy!" [laughs] And in our case, we were friends for so many years before we were a couple, that we know everything about each other. I think that's a really strong foundation that a lot of people don't wait to have. I don't look back at my life and regret ... well, I regret being divorced, but I don't regret being married before, because everything you do in your life gets you to where you are. You really learn to appreciate what you have, and I am so happy. We just feel really lucky that we found each other, and we don't take that for granted. And a lot of people will go, "Yeah, well you've only been married a little while. That all changes!" [laughs] But I don't buy that. Sometimes you find that person who is just the perfect fit.

And it seems you've fit right into Garth's family life, as well. Tell us the best part about being a stepmom to his three daughters.

I feel completely spoiled, because I know for some, it's a tough role to be in. But for me, it hasn't been, because they are so sweet to me, and they're smart and funny and cool. I really lucked out. Just to have these girls in the house who make you laugh -- they're hilarious! It's an added bonus to my life, and I never had a clue what it would be like. It's wonderful.

At home in Oklahoma, you count Garth's ex-wife, Sandy Brooks, as both a next-door neighbor and friend. Are things really as nice as they seem?

They really are. It's amazing. It's a lesson, especially to commend Sandy and Garth, on putting the girls first. I was raised in a family where my parents stayed together, so I don't have any experience with children of divorce. So I would never say, "Oh, they're fine. It's all perfect." I would say that if divorce with children can work, it works when the parents put the children first, and that's what we do.

They actually get to come with you to the Kansas City shows. That's got to be fun for them.

They've come on the nights that we've had them. And for these last few shows, each girl gets a night for herself, to bring some of her friends and not always have to be with her sisters [laughs].

With four ladies in the house, does Garth ever get to watch ESPN?

[laughs] He and I both really love sports! The girls probably get sick of it, though.

Well, let's say you're all home with no plans on a Saturday night. What would we find going on in the Brooks-Yearwood household?

Cooking! We love grilling out and eating at home. And if there's a game on, it's usually on in the background. And we know a few couples with kids who we've met through soccer, so we'll have them over. And maybe we'll be playing dominoes or cards. But we just hang out ... just what most people do. We just have a really laid-back life. You know, we do get to go to L.A. and New York and tour the country, so for me, it's a nice balance.