Talent must run in Travis Tritt's family. The singer's 15-year-old daughter, Tyler Reese, shared the stage with her famous father for the first time at his recent shows in New York and Virginia, and received resounding standing ovations both times.

The teenager joins her father on his latest single, the Don Henley and Patty Smyth classic hit, 'Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough.' Tritt originally planned to record the song with another duet partner, but after hearing his daughter sing it while on a road trip, he realized she was the perfect fit.

“As I was listening to her, I thought ‘She’s doing a great job on this," he recalls to Billboard magazine. "After it was over, she wanted me to play it over and over for about a half-dozen or more times. I didn’t say anything to her at the time, but when we got home, I told my wife, ‘I really think she could do a great job on this.’ We took her in the studio, and I know I sound like a proud papa, but she nailed it."

The song is the debut single from his latest album, 'The Calm After,' which is his first record he released on his own label, Post Oak Records. Chances are, Tyler Reese will join him on several of his future dates, which include stops in Canada, Ohio and Vermont. See all of his upcoming shows here.