Trailer Choir -- the trio comprised of Big Vinny, Crystal and Butter -- are known for their unstoppable energy on stage and fun, party-atmosphere tunes, including 'Rockin' the Beer Gut,' and 'In My Next Five Beers.' But now, they're revealing what life is like for them when they step away from the spotlight and the party on stage is over.

"After the show, it's a lot of partying," Big Vinny tells The Boot. "Everybody's sitting around. Butter likes to play full contact chess with our drummer. I've seen Butter playing hacky-sack with a Jack Daniel's bottle. We kind of like to smile a lot."

What happens late at night often sets the stage for what happens the next day, they all concede. Agreeing that Butter tends to be the moodiest in the morning, the singer comes to his own defense. "I'm not cranky," he insists. "I just don't like communicating. I don't like speaking and thinking."

"It depends if there was Jack Daniel's or Crown Royal involved the night before," Big Vinny adds. "Because if there's none of that, he's usually the first one up long before us, if he didn't drink the night before." The only one of the three who abstains entirely from alcohol, Big Vinny admits his own tee-totaling ways can get on his partners' nerves. "I go to the airport and I talk to everybody in the security line, and Butter's just trying to get on the plane."

"Me and Butter are quiet in the morning," Crystal chimes in, "because we're usually the hell-raisers of the group at night."

They also all agree on who is the messiest member of the group in the cramped living quarters of their bus. "I have more stuff than any one female should ever travel with, and I have no problem and no shame in it whatsoever," Crystal reveals. "But, I always show up prepared for everything!"

She may be more prepared than her male counterparts, but Big Vinny says her pack-rat ways are hazardous to her bandmates! "Crystal climbs into a top bunk, and it's like a war zone, because I'm on the bottom bunk, and at any point in time at night, something's liable to bounce out of her bunk and land by me!"

"Our first summer tour, they would joke about saying they could tell when I had a really good night's sleep that night, because that first summer tour, we were sharing a bus with another band," Crystal remembers. "There were 11 guys and me on a bus. There were no empty bunks, no junk bunks, so if you brought anything extra, you were sleeping with it in your bunk. So I had everything stacked to the ceiling in my little bunk, and if I had a really good night's sleep, you'd wake up and you'd be crawling over whatever I had kicked out into the floor from the top third bunk that year!"

While they all admit they aren't big TV watchers, Butter says there is one thing they do faithfully on the road. "We spend most of the time on our bus on AOL," he deadpans. "It's really what we basically do out there the most ... just read AOL."

The trio, who were famously discovered by Toby Keith more than three years ago, are hard at work on an album, set to be released later this year.

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