Trace AdkinsTrace Adkins, the proud father of five girls, tries to be supportive of his daughters' interests. But there is one recent craze the country singer doesn't want any part of.

Speaking about the blockbuster movie,'Twilight Saga: New Moon,' Trace tells Atlanta radio station WKHX, "I just recently found out that it was a phenomenon; I was unaware of this ... But I am aware of this: the guy that supposedly is in this 'New Moon' thing -- I have had to suffer through that 'Shark Boy and Lava Girl' movie so many times that I wouldn't go watch him if he was in a remake of 'True Grit'!"

That guy to whom Trace is referring is 'Twilight' hunk (and rumored Taylor Swift boyfriend) Taylor Lautner. The teen heartthrob also starred in the kids' movie, 'The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl,' alongside David Arquette and George Lopez. But even that wasn't enough star power to influence Trace's opinion, as he calls the movie "possibly the worst one ever made!"

Trace certainly knows a thing or two about movies. The country crooner recently appeared in the film 'An American Carol' and can next be seen in the upcoming independent flick, 'Lifted.'