Trace Adkins' kids are growing up a lot differently than he did. Adkins was raised in a rural Louisiana town where his grandparents lived within shouting distance. But the country star's kids, with wife Rhonda, live in the suburbs of Nashville, far removed from their grandparents. The singer says he's not too worried about the difference in environment.

"My kids live in a neighborhood where a lot of their friends live right down the street. I never had that," he says. "In the rural environment where I lived, it was a 20 minute bicycle ride to go to visit a friend."

Adkins says he was reminded how many more opportunities Mackenzie, Brianna and Trinity have after one of his daughters made her stage debut in January.

"Mackenzie was a munchkin in a local production of 'Wizard of Oz,' and that's something I would never have had the opportunity to do when I was ten," Adkins explains. "They might not have that idyllic family life with their grandparents right down the street, but at the same time they have other opportunities that make up for that."

One opportunity Brianna had recently was to work with her father on educating the public about food allergies. Adkins thanks his daughter on his latest album, 'X.' He says he wanted her to know how much he appreciates her.

"Every time we've gotten her up too early or kept her up too late -- anything we've done that's associated with raising awareness for food allergies, she's never balked or hesitated. She's really just been a trooper. That's what I was trying to say to her: 'Thanks. I did my part, but you did your part too, and we worked right along side each other all year.' I'm very proud of her."

Brianna's struggle with food allergies is the reason Adkins took part in last year's 'Celebrity Apprentice,' where he was competing for money to be donated to support the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network.