Trace Adkins has sold millions of albums and had more than 30 Top 40 singles, but music isn't his only creative outlet. The Louisiana native is also becoming a well-known actor; he's already starred in several hit movies, including the recent flick 'Moms' Night Out,' and says another role is on its way to theaters.

"I don’t talk too much about movies because I’ve done some that have been pretty bad, but some have been good ones," Adkins tells the Atlanta Journal Constitution. "It doesn’t even matter. I do them because the stuff I love most about the music business are the days when you’re in the studio and that creative thing is happening and when you’re on stage doing live stuff and the creative thing is happening."

The 52-year-old says that appearing in films challenges him in different ways than recording an album.

"When you’re on a movie set, you’re surrounded by incredibly talented, creative people, and I find that environment stimulating and invigorating, and I dig it," Adkins explains. "In order to grow in this life, you have to get outside your comfort zone, and when I’m doing that stuff, I have no idea what I’m doing, so I’m certainly outside my comfort zone."

Adkins is currently filming 'Roadrunner,' a movie about car racing, which also stars Scott Eastwood. He admits that he could focus more on his acting career, but he is being picky about the roles he selects.

"I’m getting a lot of offers in general, and I turn most of them down," he says. "I’m at a place in my life and my career where I can do that; I don’t have to take everything that comes along."

For the singer-songwriter, that also means he doesn't have to appear in any more reality TV shows. After coming in second on 'Celebrity Apprentice' in 2008, and then winning 'All-Star Celebrity Apprentice' in 2013, he says his days of reality TV are officially over.

"I’d do anything on TV, except I’m not going to do competition shows anymore," Adkins maintains. "I’m not going to be on 'Survivor Island.'

“The 'Apprentice' experience has been nothing but positive for me," he adds. "I see people in the airport -- they don’t know me from Adam as far as my music, but they know me from that show. And I thank them for that, and I’m so appreciative. I just don’t want to do it anymore. I would go back on one show as a mentor and say, 'You suck, you win,' but not to be part of the competition."

The country music hitmaker is also squeezing out time in his busy schedule to work on a new album, with plans to hit the road next year.

"I’m in the studio now, and we have about half the next album finished," Adkins reveals. "I’ll go back in January, and we should finish it in a couple of months. I’m doing a movie in the spring, so will probably go out for a summer tour."

But first, Adkins will have to wrap up his 2014 Christmas Show Tour, which ends on Dec. 21 in Clearwater, Fla. See a list of remaining dates here.