Trace AdkinsTrace Adkins is used to being surrounded by women. These days when he's not with his wife or any of his five daughters, he's on the road with his two other lovely ladies, Martina McBride and Sarah Buxton. And the big guy has no trouble singing his tourmates praises, both on stage and off.

"I've always been a fan of Martina's," Trace tells the Detroit Free Press. "Just her vocal ability is astounding -- she's a freak of nature. It really is unbelievable. Here's this little 100-pound woman who can sing louder than I do. And Martina is supermom out on the road."

Trace also tends to mind his p's and q's while out with the vocal powerhouse. "Me and my crusty old boys just try not to offend anybody," he admits.

As for Sarah Buxton, the opening act on the pair's Shine All Night tour, he seems to be enjoying watching others get the chance to experience what Music City has known for a while. "Sarah is a great songwriter, and I love listening to her sing. She's got a really sexy, sultry voice. Real unique. She's been known around Nashville -- she's no secret there."

Trace is currently working on his next album, which will be released on the newly-merged Show Dog Universal label, led in part by his friend Toby Keith. He's already got eight songs in the can, and with one more day in the studio, he'll be finished recording and says he couldn't be more pleased with the tunes.

"Toby said the music has got a smile on it, and maybe that's just a reflection of where I'm at right now, how I feel," explains the Louisiana native. "I'm feeling more optimistic, more upbeat. It's really hard to say why, but it's just this change, and it's reflected in the music. I'm just invigorated. I've got a renewed sense of dedication."

Trace hits the stage Friday night (Feb. 19) in Buffalo, N.Y.

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