Trace Adkins may soon be enjoying a lot more time in front of the cameras than behind the microphone. While he's still at the top of his musical game, with a recent Grammy nomination as well as a pair of ACM nominations, he's also proving his talents also stretch to the silver screen.

Becoming a household name after his stint on 'Celebrity Apprentice' last year, Adkins also appeared on 'The Young and the Restless,' as well as two independent films: 'An American Carol,' where he played a ghost, and 'Trailer Park of Terror,' where he played a Satanic character. And Adkins says he has more scripts coming his way -- but that's about all the detail he'll give on his big-screen plans.

"Until I'm on the set, I don't get excited about it. I don't talk about it," he tells GAC. "There have been too many of those things that people have said, 'Oh, man, we want you to do this.' And it doesn't happen. Actually, there's three active possibilities right now, and I'm just hoping they don't all happen at the same time because we're going after these three different things in the hopes that one of 'em will happen."

Adkins next role will be as himself in the 'Marry for Money' music video, which he promises will be controversial and "make people mad."