Trace Adkins' 'Cowboy Club' is now on the Quiznos menu. The hearty sandwich that the country star created during a challenge on 'Celebrity Apprentice' is now available in more than 5,000 of the sandwich chain stores across the U.S.

The 'Cowboy Club' is made of prime rib, mozzarella, onions, bacon and chipotle mayonnaise. It lost out to the opposing team's 'Champ Sandwich,' but Quiznos decided to put both on the menu.

Adkins is one of four remaining contestants on the NBC reality competition show. He admits he never thought he'd make it this far.
"At the beginning, I didn't have a strategy," Adkins says. "I never watched the show before. And so I was just kind of layin' back and just kind of gettin' the lay of the land: 'Alright, who am I gonna have to really deal with here? Who do I need to watch out for? Who's gonna be my competition?' But then I realized, 'Hey, if I just shut up, these guys will all kill each other, and then I may be around to just pick up the pieces when it's over.' So then I started just playin' the game that way and speakin' when I needed to and makin' a point when I thought I needed to."

Two contestants will be fired on tonight's episode. 'Celebrity Apprentice' airs at 9pm ET on NBC.