Nearly six months after a fire destroyed his Nashville home, Trace Adkins is ready to talk about the brand-new house rising phoenix-like from the ashes on the same property.

Speaking with Taste of Country, the longtime hitmaker and host of next month's American Country Awards said he and his wife, Rhonda, have designed a relatively modest home rather than a garish mansion.

"We're just not into that," Trace told the website. "We want it to be warm and welcome. It's going to be reasonable. It's not going to be ridiculous."

The one extravagance, if you can call it that, is the planned swimming pool -- something the 'Ladies Love Country Boys' singer didn't have before.

"I've heard that the new one is going to have a pool, so I guess I'm finally going to be one of those snooty home owners that has a pool," Trace said.

The devastating fire took place in June and was caused by an overheated and/or loose electrical connection in the garage. Luckily, Trace was heading to Alaska on a fishing trip, Rhonda wasn't home and the couple's three children and two dogs made it out safely.

In an interview with the Boot soon after the mishap, Trace said fans shouldn't feel too bad for him and his family.

"We are blessed; we are fortunate," he told The Boot. "We are not destitute, we are not homeless, and there are other people who aren't as fortunate as we are who need a lot of help. In light of all the tornadoes and everything, we just wanted to make sure that my fans direct their generosity that way. We have a place to stay, and the kids are healthy and that's all that matters anyway."

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