Trace Adkins is gearing up to speak to the 50th graduating class of Piedmont High School in Monroe, North Carolina in one week. Seniors Jackson Hargett and Ashlee Price are the two responsible for getting Trace to come to their school to address the 200 graduates by just writing a letter and asking him.

In a really convoluted way, the letter actually reached the Louisiana native. "Somebody that knew somebody that knew my bass player's wife and it finally got around to me," Trace tells The Boot. "It was really cool the way it finally got to me. Greg, my bass player, came up on the bus and handed me a letter from this high school, and I had never been asked to do that before."

Trace is a man of few, but very powerful and insightful, words. So, what exactly is he planning on telling the group of young adults ready to embark on the real world? "I would tell them to live with their parents as long as possible," he laughs. "Just mooch off the old man for as long as you possibly can, because once you leave mama's house, it's all over now. It's all over after that. You've got to start feeding yourself. I'm basically going to tell them the truth -- 'It's going to start sucking hard from here on. The good stuff is over. Welcome to the suck!'"

Trace is scheduled to speak at the commencement on June 14, but first, he is set to perform at this year's CMA Music Festival on Sunday, June 13.

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