During his recent concert stop in Joliet, Ill., Trace Adkins stopped by radio station US 99.5 for an in-studio chat with morning-show hosts Lisa Dent and Ramblin' Ray. In addition to sharing details of his wife Rhonda's high-school reunion which was scheduled to take place at nearby Hersey High School, Trace answered Lisa's "last questions," as in "When was the last time you ..."

Asked about the last time he punched someone, the self-professed roughneck, who used to work on an oil rig, thought back before answering, "'89? I haven't had to do it in a long time."

On the subject of the last time he thought about cheating, Trace joked, "Last night? I mean, I didn't think seriously about it."

Trace did get a bit more serious when asked, "When was the last time you cried?"

"We were doing one of those GAC, "Great American Heroes" shows," the singer explained, "and we were in Grand Rapids, Mich. I was talking to this guy who founded this organization called Paws With a Cause and he just tore me up. He and his wife started this thing 33 years ago and then she died a month ago. Two days before she died, she found out we were coming to do the show about them and the thing that they founded, because they're heroes, and then she died. But he still wanted to go forward and do the show because he knew it meant so much to her. He choked me up."

Paws With a Cause trains assistance dogs to help disabled people achieve greater independence. The organization was founded by Mike Sapp and his late wife, Candye.

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