Trace Adkins may be nominated for two Grammy awards this year, but after attending last year's ceremony, he says he may never return.

"Last year I got nominated for a Grammy and then I found out that they have two Grammy shows," he tells Canadian-based radio station CJDC. "I only thought they had one Grammy show, and then I went out there and found out that the B team don't get to go to the big show. I had to go to the little show, which nobody was there, along with all the other polka bands and swing groups and jazz acts and us country guys, and then they called whoever won and nobody clapped."

This year, the outspoken singer plans to stay far away from the Staples Center, but he does have a legitimate excuse -- not that he needs one! "I ain't goin' anyway. I got a show that night," he says, referring to the 'Shine All Night' tour he's co-headlining with Martina McBride.

"Me and Martina are doin' a show that night. She's nominated and she can't go either."

In addition to his tour, Trace is also working on the first album for his new label, Show Dog-Universal.