He's a multi ACM and CMT award winner with more than 10 million albums sold, not to mention his other two successful careers as an actor and author. But for what does Trace Adkins get praise at home? Putting the toilet seat down!

The father of five girls and husband to the lovely Rhonda Adkins recently sat down with Good Housekeeping to talk about life at home as the only male under the roof. "I could not make boys," he tells the magazine. "After the last one, I said, 'OK, God, I get it. I quit!'"

Trace's favorite family tradition is going around the dinner table and having each person tell the best and worst parts of their day. The singer insists communication is the key to good parenting.

"I didn't grow up with that -- my old man was pretty quiet," he reveals. "I have to remind myself to ask them about their lives. It's not something that comes naturally, but I do try!"

As great of a dad as the 'Just Fishin'' singer is, he does admit he can't cook for his daughters. "When the kids are alone with me, they're eating sandwiches," he acknowledges. But at 6'6", he can change a light bulb without a ladder, and again -- he always puts the toilet seat down. "In our house, that's a pretty big deal!" Trace laughs.

Read the rest of Trace Adkins' 'Girl Talk' with Good Housekeeping in this month's issue of the magazine. Watch the country superstar's 'Just Fishin'' video, featuring his youngest daughter Trinity, below.

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