Trace Adkins celebrated the 4th of July with a big concert in St. Louis, and now fans who weren't there can share the experience. The country superstar and recent 'Celebrity Apprentice' winner is offering a free download of a new song that he recorded at that concert, titled 'Take It From Me.'

Adkins set the song up by explaining that it was written about “an interaction I saw between a guy and a girl, we’ve all seen this. I was the wise old guy standing off to the side going, ‘I know exactly what’s happening here.’”

The song centers around a heavy rock backbeat and guitar riff, showing a definite classic rock influence with its slide guitar solos and organ chords. No studio version of it exists on any of Adkins' previous albums.

“This is a song I wrote the other day, we had never recorded [but] I thought we’d record it tonight,” he told the audience in St. Louis, adding that they could visit his website and download the free track the following day.

'Take It From Me' shows the singer back in more of his traditional style after recently releasing an album titled 'Love Will' that consists entirely of ballads.

Listen to the song on Adkins' Soundcloud page, and visit his website to download the free track.