Trace Adkins has collaborated in the past with country acts Blake Shelton and Trailer Choir but his latest duet has him paired with a band who also 'Kiss'-ed the top of the pop charts in 1978. The singer joins country-pop group Exile on a version of their smash hit, 'Kiss You All Over,' which will also be featured on an upcoming GAC special.

"Nobody had a bigger hit in the late '70s than 'Kiss You All Over,'" Trace explains. "And the thing that we all liked about it was that it was a little naughty."

Trace met the group during a recent appearance at the Grand Ole Opry and was so mesmerized by the performance he asked if they would record the iconic tune with him. The group wasted no time in agreeing to the duet.

"We were like, 'Yeah!'" band member Sonny LeMaire tells Nashville's Tennessean. "If there's another voice that could do the opening lines of the song, it's Trace's. I'm just over the top on this thing. I'm amazed at the generosity of Trace."

"I'm just a fan today," says Trace of the group that first formed in Kentucky in the early 1960s. "I'm just a fan that's getting to sing with Exile."

The guys performed the song together as part of a GAC special, 'Hit Exchange,' set to air throughout the remainder of December. The TV show wasn't the first time the two acts collaborated, however. They also appeared together for an impromptu performance in Las Vegas.

"We didn't get to rehearse it because of scheduling," Sonny notes. "He just walked out and boom, here we go. The crowd just went crazy. It's all been an amazing experience, and who knows what's going to happen as a result of the special."

No word yet whether Trace might include the song on his next CD. The GAC special will air on GAC this Saturday and Sunday (Dec. 17 and 18). Check air times here.

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