Trace Adkins originally turned down the offer to compete on the NBC reality show 'Celebrity Apprentice,' but the country star is certainly glad he reconsidered.

"It was a thrill," he told us during his Sessions taping. "I love Gene Simmons. Just the opportunity to get to hang out with him and listen to his stories ... It was a once in a lifetime opportunity."

Adkins also has a new friend in 'Apprentice' mastermind Donald Trump. And believe it or not, Trump is actually jealous of the singer -- at least when it comes to his long locks.

"He has hair envy of me," Adkins laughs. "He was always talking about my hair, and I was like, 'Dude, the hair thing is really starting to bug me.'"

But Adkins promises that Trump's hair is real, as he claims the billionaire would "tug on it all the time" to prove that his famous comb-over is not a toupee.

On tonight's episode, Trump will try to make the men's team prove that they can work with resident villainess Omarosa. But don't expect Adkins to be the one to trade jabs with the reality starlet. "I've been married three times," he jokes. "I know how to deal with a woman like her. You just stay out of her way. When she's on the warpath, you just vacate the premises. Just get away from her."

Adkins says his fellow contestants originally stereotyped him as just a "dumb cowboy." But don't judge a book by its cover. After leading his team to victory on several episodes so far, this cowboy is the rumored front-runner to win it all.