Trace Adkins has just wrapped up filming his role in the independent film, 'American Carol.' The movie is a satire of the Charles Dickens classic novel, 'A Christmas Carol.' But we don't have to wait until the holidays to see it.

"Instead of being set around Christmas, it's set around the Fourth of July," Adkins explains. "The Scrooge character just doesn't think that the Fourth of July should even be recognized anymore, so the spirits come and beat the hell out of him and show him why he should be a little more patriotic and this and that."

Adkins plays The Spirit of Christmas Future in the film. He says his role is both funny and a little dark.

"It's a comedy and I had a blast doin' it," he says. "But it won't be harmless and middle-of-the-road . . . It's going to be a real political thing, pretty controversial."

'American Carol' is expected to hit theaters in August. And on May 2, we will see the country crooner's dramatic side when Adkins guest-stars on an episode of 'The Young and the Restless.'