Trace Adkins' latest single is the tender 'All I Ask for Anymore,' a song about the importance of family. When it came time to shoot the accompanying music video, the singer knew the direction it should take without having to put a whole lot of thought into it.

"Nobody knows [about the importance of family] or appreciates that more than these men and women who come home after being deployed for months and months [after serving our country]," Trace tells GAC. "They really realize what is truly important. This song talks about family and how they should be the top priority in your life."

When it comes to his own life, Trace's priorities include being the proud father to five daughters and grandfather to his oldest daughter's little girl. Trace thought it only fitting to bring the whole gang out for the video shoot, including his wife and son-in-law -- a move he admits scored Dad some major points with his younger daughters.

"The kids didn't have to go to school, so they were pretty stoked about that!" he jokes.

Trace is currently out on the road with Martina McBride on their co-headlining Shine All Night tour.


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