Trace Adkins towers over all the competition to claim the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Country Album chart this week. The singer's Show-Dog-Universal debut, 'Cowboy's Back in Town,' moves his buddy (and duet partner on 'Hillbilly Bone') Blake Shelton out of the top spot after just one week. Trace also claims the No. 5 position on the multi-genre Billboard 200 album chart.

'Cowboy's Back in Town' is Trace's 11th album in a multi-faceted career that has included not only music but appearances on TV, in movies and on bookstore shelves. Of the superstar's eight studio albums and two greatest-hits compilations, 'Cowboy' marks the fourth time he has debuted at No. 1. He has sold in excess of 10 million albums worldwide since his career began with his 1996 debut, 'Dreamin' out Loud.'

In an exclusive interview with The Boot before 'Cowboy' was released, Trace praised his new label and looked to the future, saying, "I just hope that we have a good launch with this record on this new record label," he says. "For the sake of Show Dog-Universal, I really want for this [album] to be a huge success. I appreciate the faith that they've had in me, and I hope that it's proven to be a good decision on both our parts. That's really what I'm hoping for this year."

Trace and label mate Toby Keith continue on their American Ride tour through September 25. 'Cowboy's Back in Town' is available in a deluxe edition which features four addition tracks, including, yep, 'Hillbilly Bone,' with Blake Shelton.