Toby Keith has never seemed to mind stirring up controversy in his music, but now it's one of his I Love This Bar & Grill restaurants that is creating a stir.

The singer opened the latest in his restaurant chain in Woodbridge, Va., a state that allows residents to openly carry guns. So when customers were greeted at the front door of the eatery with a sign that said "No Guns Permitted," it angered several potential patrons enough that they vowed to never eat at the establishment.

The policy touched off a huge debate on the restaurant's Facebook page, with many saying they would never spend their money at the establishment because of the policy.

"That sign on the door means that I will never try your restaurant," one disgruntled person wrote. "It is a cultural thing among we Americans … It is the fact that you seek to restrict a Constitutional Right that bothers the public. This is what will cost you.”

Still, not everyone disagreed with the restaurant's ban on weapons.

"I think it's a great idea," Jayne Marconi, a traveler from Ohio told the local Fox 5 news station. "Anywhere there's an establishment that serves alcohol, I'm going to tell you right now, alcohol can make you do funny things. So that absolutely makes me feel more comfortable."

Management responded via a post to Facebook:


Keith has two more I Love This Bar & Grill restaurants opening in the near future, in Oxnard, Calif. and Houston, Texas, bringing his total to 17 restaurants.