As country music evolves, many artists are altering their approach to making music, but Toby Keith says he going to continue doing things the way he always has.

“I mean, on the skeleton part of the business side, you may have to do it different, the more digital it gets,” Keith says. “But it’s not gonna change anything about the way we get to the product or getting it out. They may deliver it differently, but as far as manufacturing and getting it to an album, nothing will change there.”

Keith's upcoming album, '35 MPH Town,' is set for release in 2015. The album's lead single, ‘Drunk Americans,’ was penned by Brandy Clark, Bob DiPiero and Shane McAnally.

“We wanted to write it sort of like a modern day ‘Piano Man,’” Clark says. “It’s like, ‘When we’re in here drinking, who cares what we are outside of this?’”

Keith landed at No. 10 on Forbes' list of highest-paid musicians of the year, the only country artist to land in the Top 10. He is set to headline the Taste of Country Music Festival in June with Tim McGraw and Keith Urban.