Toby Keith had quite an eye-opening experience during a layover in Spain a few months ago, when he was on his way home from a USO tour. A young fan approached him with what the country powerhouse found to be surprising news.

"This kid came up and told me I was a huge star in Norway," Toby tells the Boston Herald. "I called my manager and said, 'Hey, this guy just introduced himself in the airport saying we were doing well in Norway. Is that true?' He told me, 'Actually you just scored a platinum album there.'"

That was music to Toby's ears, as he had been trying to organize a European tour for years. Now that his latest album, 'That Don't Make Me A Bad Guy,' is selling big in Norway and in several neighboring countries, the singer will fulfill his transatlantic dreams, beginning a European tour this November.

Toby's fans overseas will no doubt get to preview material from Toby's upcoming album, due out in late 2009/early 2010, including a song called, 'Cryin' For You.' Written for Toby's friend and fellow Oklahoman Wayman Tisdale, the song is a tribute to the country star's friendship with the late NBA star and jazz bassist who died earlier this year from cancer.