Over the past decade, Toby Keith has played to more than 182,600 service men and women at upwards of 100 military installations overseas. Seeing the superstar, especially under those circumstances, is bound to have made several dreams come true.

According to DVIDS.com, Navy Seabee Nicholas W. Pfaff was particularly excited for the singer's April 28 performance at Camp Dwyer in Afghanistan. The Germantown, Wis., native has been carrying around his "bucket list" on a worn, lined sheet of paper that reads, "Meet Toby Keith" in the 15th spot.

"I've been a fan of his since I was in high school; his music is different from what we hear all the time. Something in his lyrics really appeals to me," Nick tells the website.

Which is why the sailor made sure to use his lunch break to see Toby's 45-minute set. After the performance, though, Nick started to lose hope that he would actually be able to check meeting his musical hero off the list. The clock ticked as he and his cohorts lined up to meet Toby, with the end of Nick's break quickly approaching.

That's when he pulled out the list and handed it to an event staff member. The paper quickly made it's way to the "Red Solo Cup" singer, who laughed at the sight. Toby then took a few minutes to talk with an awestruck Nick, and sign the paper with a big check next to No. 15.

Now, Nick just needs to focus on fulfilling No. 13: "Go to the Grand Ole Opry."

See a picture of the bucket list and Toby's autograph here.

Watch Toby Talk About the USO

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