Don't be fooled by its title -- 'Beer For My Horses' is not a Western. The upcoming Toby Keith flick has a surprisingly serious plot.

"It's not all wagon wheels and bales of hay. We don't always have to look like Hee-Haw," Keith tells Rolling Stone of the movie he wrote and stars in. "The storyline is about methamphetamine use and how bad it is in the South. Meth-heads here steal liquid fertilizer that's kept in agricultural co-ops to make the drug. [In the movie], we stake out the co-ops for a bust, and the story is how that blows up in our faces."

'Beer For My Horses' also stars Willie Nelson, Rodney Carrington, Ted Nugent, Tom Skerritt and Claire Forlani, among others. It hits movie theaters nationwide on August 8.