Life has imitated art on the set of Toby Keith's upcoming movie, 'Beer For My Horses,' and folks at PETA are not going to be happy. Rocker Ted Nugent has a role in the film as hunting enthusiast named 'Skunk.' Keith recently told reporters that his buddy Nugent stayed in character after a shoot, resulting in a shooting of a different sort.

"Ted has just shot a guy with a bow and arrow," explains Keith of the movie scene. "And he's leaving the set to go back to his trailer, and all of Hollywood is standing around and a cotton tail jumps up -- rabbit -- and crosses the set. POW! And he guts him a rabbit right in front of everybody."

'Beer For My Horses' was written and produced by Keith and is described as a "fun-loving road trip movie." Also starring Willie Nelson, Tom Skerritt, Gina Gershon and Rodney Carrington, the film is set to hit theaters August 8.