Toby Keith is a man of his word. Just ask the McKenna family in Purcell, Okla.

Toby met Sgt. Robby McKenna when he was on his seventh USO Tour last April, and the young man asked a special favor of his fellow Oklahoman. He gave Toby a birthday present for his stepmother and asked if the country star would mail the package once he got back to the U.S. The singer promised that he would.

But instead of mailing the gift, Toby decided to deliver it in person. He and a friend, Curt Motley, got on their Harleys and drove to the McKenna's home to make the gift from the young soldier even more special. Sgt. McKenna just happened to phone home while Toby was there, so he got to talk to the singer again, putting the call on speaker phone so that his fellow soldiers could hear.

"It was a remarkable night that we won't forget," the McKennas told their hometown newspaper, the Purcell Register. "We don't know how to express our gratitude for what Toby has done for us, for Robby and his troop ... We wanted to share this story with the readers of our newspaper because we wanted them to know what kind of person Toby Keith is. He's a hard worker. He loves his country. He cares for the soldiers. And he's a man of his word, and we know these things are facts."

Toby is heading back across the ocean this fall, this time to go on what will be his first European tour.