Toby KeithToby Keith has a lifetime of memories to look back on, in both his personal life and his career. And even his earliest recollection has a country music connection.

"The earliest memory I have is [of] my mom," Toby tells The Boot. "My mom is a singer. She had me when she was 20, and it was pretty much the end of her career. She had been looked at by some record execs who had come to my grandmother's supper club, and they were looking at my mom as a singer. Her young pictures remind me of Patsy Cline."

Toby obviously picked up his affinity for music at a very early age, recalling that he would crawl around on the floor watching his mom "perform."

"I can remember her popping her dust rag," the country superstar recalls. "She had her hair tied up in a bandana ... I remember her dancing around and singing and poppin'. She could whistle like an instrument. And she would whistle and when the singing would come on, she would sing with a great voice and she'd pop her rag and dust and be cleaning house and I remember her singing a Skeeter Davis song a lot called 'The End of the World.'"

Toby's world continues to revolve around country music, with his latest hit, 'American Ride,' recently topping the charts.