When Toby Keith re-wrote Nancy Sinatra's biggest hit to suggest that boots were not made for walking as much as for ramming into the butts of folks you don't like -- "courtesy of the red, white and blue" -- we waited for an accusation of song-napping. Well, it's finally happened, albeit with a different song, thanks to a folk singer named Michael McCloud, who claims that Keith's mega-hit 'I Love This Bar' is a direct cop of his 'Tourist Town Bar.'

While that seems a bit far-fetched -- given the huge impact the alleged "original" has had on the public consciousness in the ten years since its writing -- McCloud insists that Keith had plenty of time to hear it while he dined at a Key West bar where the singer was the featured entertainer. McCloud says that he'd have sold the song for, well, a song, since it "was written on the toilet [in] about five minutes," but has apparently reconsidered since calculating just how much Keith earned off 'I Love This Bar' (which the star's rep says he'll "vigorously defend" ownership of).

We'd advise McCloud to go back and do the math about just how much velocity a size-12 boot can muster when backed by 200-odd pounds of raging Oklahoman.