Toby Keith is known almost as much for his support of the military and his outspoken political viewpoints as he is for his music. So it is no surprise that he is speaking out about President Obama. What may be a surprise is how supportive he is of the Democrat, especially considering Toby was supportive of the President's predecessor as well.

"He's the commander-in-chief," Toby tells "I'm not gonna be a hypocrite. When Clinton was in, he was getting bashed. When Bush was in, he was getting bashed. They're the commander-in chief, and they deserve our respect. This is America, and you can say what you want."

Toby was once a registered Democrat but recently changed his political status to Independent. He says he's optimistic about the direction of his former party.

"He [President Obama] hired one of my best friends who I think should run for president someday, Gen. James Jones, as a national security adviser. He's sending troops into Afghanistan, help is on the way there. And I'm seeing some really good middle-range stuff ... I'm giving our commander-in-chief a chance before I start grabbing. So far, I'm cool with it."

Toby is currently in the middle of his seventh tour to the Middle East in support of the troops, where he will play 17 shows in 11 days.