Toby KeithFor those men who want to dress like Toby Keith -- or the ladies who want their man to cultivate that rugged look, Toby has just the thing in store. Make that, in stores.

The TK Steelman fashion line, which the entrepreneurial singer announced earlier this year, was inspired by Toby's own rugged wardrobe.

"I had some clothing designers come to me," Toby tells The Boot, "and they said, 'We want to put a clothing line out on you. We want some kind of affordable [clothing], yet we want the hot, new-type shirts, we want the tailored button-up shirts that would fit a strong guy in the shoulders and still fit him in the waist without it hanging on you like a muumuu."

Outfitting guys from top to bottom, Toby handed over a few his favorite shirts and favorite pairs of jeans, and says, "They took off and brought me a whole [bunch] of the stuff they made, they laid them out, and said, 'Here you go.' I picked out what I liked, and they named them TK Steelman."

Toby reports that manufacturing process has begun and that fans could see the clothes in retail outlets either just before or just after Christmas. Clothes for women, and fashion accessories will also be part of the line.