By now, Tim McGraw fans should know the superstar doesn't put up with any shenanigans at his shows. The 44-year-old, who has a history of ejecting concertgoers for improper behavior, did it again on Saturday night (June 18) at his concert in George, Wash., this time due to a woman's drunken antics.

"You've got to go ... Y'all, chill out! Take it easy," Tim said calmly, pointing at the culprits in the fan pit at the foot of the stage. "You've got to go, you've got no choice in the matter!" (Watch it all go down in the video below.)

"There was one point in the show where it got a little out of control," a fan reports (quote via Washington radio station 92.9 The Bull). "I was in the pit when this all went down, in fact I was the one this lady got pushed into ... The lady that got tossed out of the pit was totally wasted, and she did not want to let anyone get close to the stage.

"A couple of girls from Seattle wanted to get a high five from Tim McGraw when he came to that part of the stage, and they got a little aggressive trying to get to the stage," the fan continues. "When they tried to push past the drunk brunette, she got upset and dumped her drink on the girls from Seattle. Now, this is where the video (below) starts. Tim saw this all go down and was tossing out the drunk girl who threw her drink on everyone. Then he tossed two drunk guys out for cussing out the girl. Fans in Washington should know that Tim does not put up with that crap. It was a little touch and go for a few minutes, but as you'll see Tim takes care of business in this video."

Tim continues his Emotional Traffic tour, along with opening acts Luke Bryan and the Band Perry, with a shows in Michigan, New York and Ontario. See his concert schedule here.