Tim McGraw has almost 234,000 Twitter followers. But if they're hoping to get minute-by-minute updates on the superstar's daily life, they're bound to be disappointed.

"I just don't have time," the 45-year-old tells CMT to explain his low activity on the social-media site. "I'm sure that's a lame excuse. Part of me is like, who cares? Who cares if I'm going to the grocery store? I just really haven't bought in to that. Plus, I like privacy a little bit. I just can't get into the mundane everyday things that everyone else does in life that everyone wants to hear about."

One thing that's taking up plenty of Tim's time is the recording of a new album, which will mark his first release for the Big Machine label. Although he continues to be embroiled in a lawsuit with his previous label, Curb Records, Tim is confident the new project will be his best to date.

"I try to put everything I can into my records," says the singer. "There's certainly a freshness and a new energy around everything I do. I feel inspired. I feel like a brand new world opening up. I think there's so much more left in my career. I think there's more ahead of me than has ever been behind me."

Tim is also spending his summer on the road with good friend Kenny Chensey on their Brothers of the Sun tour. They will head to New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio this weekend. Keep track of their schedule here.

And, even if Tim hasn't quite caught the Twitter bug, country music fans who enjoy keeping track of the daily activity and musings of their favorite artists -- however mundane -- have plenty of other options, including keeping up with tweets from Carrie Underwood (@carrieunderwood), Brad Paisley (@bradpaisley) and Blake Shelton (@blakeshelton), who boasts more than 1,700,000 followers. (There's also this one that's one of our favorites.)

Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney's Summer Tour

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