Tim McGraw"Aretha Franklin sold it, Dolly Parton graced it, Rosa Parks rode it, Scarlett O chased it ... Don't let this old gold cross and this Allman Brothers T-shirt throw ya, it's cicadas making noise, with the southern voice."

When gathering songs for his 'Southern Voice' album, Tim McGraw wanted a more fun, upbeat vibe, but with a meaningful message at the same time. He feels he's reached the perfect blend with his current single -- the title track, which is sitting at No. 3 on the country charts.

"It's rare that you can find one that's fun but has a great message at the same time," Tim tells The Boot. "The struggle with finding uptempo songs is, you want an uptempo song, but you want it to say something ... and to find a song that really says something, like 'Southern Voice' does, and recalls some great things from southern history. It has a great message to it. And at the same time you sing along to it and you have fun with it."

Tim's 2010 is off to a busy start. He's getting ready to shoot scenes for his new film, 'Love Don't Let Me Down,' with Gwyneth Paltrow, as well as taking his 'Southern Voice' tour on the road beginning Feb. 11 in Omaha, Neb.