Tim McGrawTim McGraw has been a multi-platinum-selling country superstar since 1994, earning dozens of awards for his music. He was even named one of Playgirl's Top 10 Sexiest Men in 1997. And while, like any successful artist, he's faced his share of harsh critics, there's one critic he can't ever seem to please: himself.

"I can't stand to watch myself on screen or on TV, and I can't stand to hear myself sing," Tim tells the Chicago Tribune. "I don't think I'll ever reach a point where I think I'm good enough to do this."

Tim may require the encouragement of his three daughters -- Gracie, 12, Maggie, 11 and Audrey, 7 -- to change his mind about seeing himself onscreen, since 'The Blind Side,' in which he co-stars with Sandra Bullock, hits theaters Nov. 20. Apparently, the girls have influenced him -- for better or worse -- when it comes to music they like.

"Oh, yeah ... there's some stuff I can't stand," he says. "I'm not going to name anyone because I'll run into them somewhere. But my oldest daughter listens to '70s rock, which is my favorite. They like Ne-Yo, and I like Ne-Yo, too," he says of the R&B singer-songwriter, with whom he's actually co-written a few tunes.

Tim admits that as his girls continue to grow and mature, approaching their teen years, he's just trying to be patient and learn the ropes. "It teaches you to shut up," he says, with a laugh. "You don't have any say. It takes them a long time to get ready, so I've had to learn patience."

As he has had to do with wife, Faith Hill, when it comes to one particular habit of hers. She loves to shop! "She's going to single-handedly fix the economy," he jokes.

Maybe she's buying copies of 'Southern Voice,' Tim's album which was released last week.