Tim McGrawTim McGraw has just started work on his latest big-screen role in 'Dirty Girls,' starring alongside William H. Macy. In the six years since he's started taking on film roles, Tim has played a father, a rancher, and an alcoholic football dad among others. But he admits there's a particular role he hasn't done that he would like to see in his future.

"I like darker stuff -- heavier stuff," Tim tells CMT. "I don't mind playing a villain if it's a good role. I think in a lot of cases those are the best roles to play. A Boston cop might be fun or an English period movie might be fun to do. I'd like to try something different like that."

But would the father of three and husband to superstar wife Faith Hill ever consider doing a nude scene? "The easy answer would be to say no, but I feel like I'm an artist," he says. "To me, it's not really about that, it's about what is the movie about and what tells the story in the best way. It wouldn't be something I'd go out looking for, but if I fall in love with a piece of art where that was necessary, I'd certainly think long and hard about it."

Tim's latest musical project is 'Still' from his latest album, 'Southern Voice.' The live music video for 'Still' was shot last week during Tim's Tulsa, Okla. performance.

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