What do you get when you combine Tim McGraw, kaleidoscope effects, and a hot sports car? The answer is the video for his latest single, 'Lookin' for That Girl.'

In the clip, McGraw and the director, Sophie Muller, mix great visual effects with flashes of bright colors, alternating landscapes and McGraw singing to create the video for the song, which is the first single from his upcoming new album.

Like the video, the song is a departure for the Louisiana native, who went in a much more pop direction for the tune, using different vocal effects, such as Pro Tools, and a much more electronic sound than he has in any of his previously-released singles. But while the song might be new territory for McGraw, he isn't worried about how his fans will react to the single.

“When you’re young, you spend a lot of time just wanting to succeed. But I think now, I still want to lead the race,”  he says. ” I still want to be the guy. I want all those things, but I’ve always been a music guy, so I want to make what I do lasting. I’ve always wanted my music to matter.”

The 46-year-old hints that there might be even more surprises on his next set of tunes.

“With every album, my approach is to push a few of my own boundaries and try things I’ve never done before," he explains. "It was hard to choose a lead single off this project because I really felt like we had six or seven good options. I kept coming back to ‘That Girl’ because even though it may be a little different for me sonically, I couldn’t get it out of my head!”

McGraw will kick off his Sundown Heaven Town Tour on May 9 in Sacramento, Calif. See all of his upcoming shows here.