Tim McGraw may be able to take a little bit of superstitious credit for the Philadelphia Phillies victory over the Tampa Bay Rays in Saturday's World Series Game 3. It was his late father, Tug McGraw, who pitched the Phillies into the World Series championship back in 1980, at the now-demolished Veteran's Stadium. McGraw, on hand to deliver the game ball for the opening pitch, took some of his father's ashes, and ceremonially sprinkled the pitcher's mound at the new Citizens Bank Park, where the Phillies now play.

Jamie Moyer, opening pitcher for the Phillies in Saturday's game, had nothing but praise for McGraw's actions. "Tim has his heart in this organization," he told MLB.com. "I'm sure he thought it was going to be good luck, and it turns out that it probably was. Some people might look at it and think it's distasteful, but you know what? It's pretty cool."