Tim McGraw, Faith HillTim McGraw is flying high these days, thanks to his new album, 'Southern Voice,' and upcoming roles in two movies -- 'The Blind Side,' with Sandra Bullock and a role in a new, still-untitled movie with Gwyneth Paltrow. But, Tim says it's his wife, Faith Hill, who should be getting the attention more than him, although he admits there is one thing that holds her back.

"I get ticked off a lot because I don't think she gets the respect she deserves," he tells the Wall Street Journal (via Nashville Gab.) "I tell her all the time, 'If you were 300 pounds and dog-ugly, people would think you were the greatest singer in the world.' They have the tendency to look at her and never really listen to her. The reason it works is she's a fantastic artist. It's almost embarrassing for me to sing with her sometimes."

While she may not get the same acclaim her husband does for her music these days, Faith's career is still blooming, thanks in part to her recently launched new fragrance line, 'Faith Hill Parfum.' "It reflects everything I love," she tells OK! magazine. "It incorporates my favorite scents -- southern magnolia and jasmine -- which are reminiscent of my childhood in Mississippi and Tennessee."

The fragrance, launched after her husband launched his own 'McGraw by Tim McGraw' line, is, according to Faith, very different from her husband's scent. But, she admits, he did have the last word. "I wanted to be sure he liked it," she notes. "His opinion was my first and final factor in determining if it was a go or not."

Other than smelling nice, the blond beauty also says it's important to "buy a new pair of shoes, or a lipstick ... and dress up every so often!" She'll have that opportunity in just a couple of weeks, at the CMA Awards on Nov. 11, where her husband is scheduled to perform.

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