When it comes to movie roles, Tim McGraw has a flair for the dramatic.

"I tend to gravitate towards the darker drama when it comes to movie scripts," McGraw tells The Boot. "I like stuff like 'Friday Night Lights' that has that dark element to it."

McGraw adds that it's tough to juggle his day job as a superstar singer with his work as an actor. "A lot of things get offered to me that don't fit in my schedule of touring, recording and family time ... I just have to find the quality script that fits the time I have to do a film."

The singer says he has been talking about a new movie for a year now, one that is based on a true event that happened in East Tennessee. "It's about an older gentleman, and he and the funeral parlor faked his death to have party in the town." The film, 'Get Low,' will star Robert Duvall as Felix Bush Breazeale, who planned his own funeral while he was still alive. Some 10,000 people from more than a dozen states attended his peculiar funeral service in 1938. Breazeale didn't die until 1943.

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Sissy Spacek is also scheduled to star in the movie. There is no word as to the role she or McGraw will have, nor when it will begin production. McGraw"s most recent movie, 'Four Christmases,' also featured Spacek and Duvall, who played his parents in the comedy.

"The best part of filming that movie was hanging out on the set and spending time with Robert Duvall," McGraw recalls. "He is a national treasure and one of my favorite actors. 'Tender Mercies' is one of my favorite movies and one of my favorite performances of his, where he portrayed a country singer. I'm amazed at how many country singers haven't seen that movie."

In reflecting on future films, McGraw says he doesn't really have a dream role he'd like to do. "My wife nixed the Halle Berry movie, so I don't think that will happen," he says with a laugh. "Other than that, I'll just continue to look for good scripts that fit into the time frame when I can do a movie."